Call Center Rocket Science


Call Center Rocket Science: 110 Tips to Creating a World Class Customer Service Organization

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110 Tips that Call Centers can implement and receive immediate benefits of improved operations and higher levels of employee and customer satisfaction.

“I once heard it said that running a call center is not rocket science. While you may not need the skills and education of an aerospace engineer, successful call center management does require certain skills and insight.”-RANDY RUBINGH

Call Center Rocket Science provides practical, hands-on advice on a wide variety of topics essential to effective call center management, including:

RECRUTING AND HIRING: How to find great agents, what to look for in a candidate, how to weed out applicants that may not be a good fit, closing the best candidates.

TRAINING: How to develop an effective new-hire training course that prepares reps to successfully take calls starting their first day on the floor.

MANAGEMENT: Creating a world-class culture to motivate and retain your staff. Analyzing and understanding call center statistics.

CALL CENTER OPERATIONS: Handle day-to-day activities of a call center and manage business without constantly fighting fires.

OUTSOURCING: For outsource Providers, tips on how to make your client satisfied and give you more business. For those who Outsource, tips on how to get behind the scenes and truly understand the level of service being provided to your customers.